To infinity, & beyond!

Don't you just love infinity bracelets? What more a PASTEL COLOURED infinity bracelet?

Be There.

8th & 9th June, Rasta TTDI.
Limited Stock available!


Hello loves, our first bazaar!

We at RinCreations are excited as we're participating in our very first Bazaar on the 8th & 9th of June!
Details as stated above. We've been hard at work - sourcing for new materials & mass producing our handmade accessories. As stated above, you're entitled to 10% off your total purchase when you share this on your wall/print this voucher out!

Look forward to items like studs, vintage charm bracelets, whimsical dresses & loads more!
Follow us at our Facebook Page, for sneak peeks on what we're going to sell on that day!

See you guys there! 

x - a new shopping experience

If you haven't found out already - we've moved over to a new URL!

Why? While we do love the familiarity of a "blogger" shop, we do understand that, as we expand with more & more items made available to our beloved customers, our customers would like an easier browsing/shopping experience.
This is why we've decided to move over to a new host, WIX.

While our cart is still not fully functional (it's not linked to paypal), we've made sure that your shopping experience would be much easier than that of our past blogshop layout.

We'll update this blogspot with our news, item updates etc, but to shop, please head over there.
Despite the fact that we're still new to the blogosphere, your support has made us increasingly motivated to serve you better.

Thank you.


We've moved!

We've moved! :) We'll still update this page from time to time, and we're still in the transitioning period - not all our stuff's uploaded/moved yet, but great news!

Free shipping when you order above RM 50!
Do check out our new link -
We hope this makes it easier! Thank you for shopping with us.


Psst... A Sneak Peek!

Here's a sneak peek of what's coming your way very, very, soon.
This and much, much more!
Intricate short necklaces and much more coming your way! All handmade with love, of course.
Do stay tuned! (Hint: We'll upload them by Sunday)

Update: Thank you for all your queries & interest in our products. We're working on bringing more variety (We're working on a few new pieces as we speak) to you, be it clothes or accessories.
In the future, if you'd like to order, do help in easing your ordering process by telling us your desired products, postage options, contact number and address! We'll get back to you at as fast as possible, usually within the day itself.
Also, do us a favour & like our facebook page OR suscribe to us for future updates? <3

Thank You for all your love!



We're featured on Diary Addictions! :)

We've received the great honour of being featured at!
We are extremely grateful for the opportunity. :)
A big THANK YOU to Diary Addictions for the feature, & do check out their site for awesome reviews of the blogosphere.

We're nothing without all your love & support!